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Robin an Harry have a no haircut pact


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aconed: 😍

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does anyone have a bigger version of this???


*** Try this!!! Let me know if it’s bigger or not!!!

it is 🙌

thank youuu

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shellibird1: Pre-show. Yes, HS did cover her eyes..very amusing..

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shellibird1: Welcome to the USA @namelssgem and @aconed glad u r here!!

Why are people even coming to you and saying Anne has gotten fat? And why do people even use being fat as something bad anyways?

i know like ?????

but i don’t really think that person meant being fat is bad tbh, i think they were just saying that they think she is.

it was just their reason that i really had an issue with, having rolls when you sit down doesn’t mean you’re fat.

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I can't stand it when people say "Gemma is the better Styles." It doesn't make any sense. It's cool to like Gemma. I like her. But she's not better than Harry, and Harry isn't better than her. They are both human beings with a lot to offer. I never see people saying that #LottieIsTheBetterTomlinson or #RuthIsTheBetterPayne. People are always trying to bring Harry down for some reason. :(

i know i hate it sooo much. like i started as a joke, an i get that, but that doesn’t make it any less rude, an some people take it way to seriously.

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Four … 😜

If Gemma majored on Science then why is her job why does she work with fashion'y type of job

you ask me this as if i know Gemma personally an have deep conversions with her about her choice of post-grad work.

there is no rule anywhere that says you must get a job in the same field of study you did in school. tons of people have jobs that have nothing to do with what they majored in.

i’m pretty sure she studied to become a science teacher. she’s only 23 an just got out of classroom life. she probably doesn’t want to enter another one for a long time.

the current job she has is fun an exciting an she’s good friends with the people she works with. it’s a comfortable environment an it clearly pays well. idk what the teacher salary is in the UK but she probably makes more doing what she does now than she would if she got a teaching job. so why wouldn’t she work there???

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@MrsAnneTwist: @ryhandscharity I’m on board! #raiseyourhands

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